Monday, November 26, 2007

Io, At Land, Jonas Laster

Io live at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (Santa Ana, CA)

Io brings a high order of dream weaponry to the perceptive listener via guitar, loops, and cosmic syllabics. Films pulsate, flicker, and follow their own morphologies simultaneous to the sounds generated by Jonas Laster and his magic buddha boxes. The music is akin in some ways to Thomas Koner's remixing of Experimental Audio Research but warmer and less distant. Think "Tahitian glacier" and you may be getting closer to what Io is all about, to this listener anyhow.

Mr. Laster's first cd-r/dvd as Io is entitled "At Land." The two discs sit snugly in a handmade wooden box with burlap strip holding in the goods. The music consists of the entire live performance excerpted in the video above, and the dvd features the entire aural performance plus the self-made film Laster has projected behind him. 68 copies have been made at $6 apiece:

Reference this Dave Segal article in the OC Weekly for further elucidation:

Io, as well as the other projects Laster has a hand in, may be accessed here:

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