Thursday, November 15, 2007


For two days in late 2001 I ventured out to Phimai in order to take in the rebuilt ruins of Prasat Hin Phimai, a Khmer-style temple grounds in Northeastern Thailand that sits in a straight line from its 'mother temple' in Siem Reap. Even though I had been to the incredible Angkor Wat a few months before I was still enthralled by Phimai. Later that evening my friend and I had dinner outside the town where we were the only customers. Two young women sang karaoke for us, including our request for "Do Re Mi" by Pornchita. Afterwards we were driven back to town and found a pub open. The folks inside motioned for us to come in and enjoy the beer and acoustic 'pleng cheewit' music. Needless to say the next morning was one filled with hangovers and noodle soup.

Unfortunately my own photos of the site are in a box stored at my in-laws in Samut Prakan.

(Above photo copyright Angus McIntyre 2001--

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