Sunday, January 3, 2010

Asemic Writing

After several years of spontaneous glyph making, as well as looking intently at Tobey, Gysin, Michaux, and Onslow-Ford's works, I came across the term for it, "asemic writing." I was electronically introduced to the works of Tim Gaze ( and the blog, The New Post-literate: a gallery of asemic writing (, whose editor Michael Jacobson interviewed Gaze here: .

Vugg Books also has some interesting work in the field of asemic writing, most notably Gaze's journal "Asemic Movement." They also feature the works of Jim Leftwich, Spencer Selby, and John M. Bennett (all of whom I published in my xerox poetry mag, ANGLE in the mid-1990's)

Asemic Movement #1 PDF

Asemic Movement #2 PDF

Asemitic writing is much more compelling to me than visual poetry.

Tim Gaze, from "Ancient, Modern, and Pseudo-Chinese":

courtesy: The New Post-literate

A Love Letter to June by Morgan Taubert:

Courtesy of The New Post-literate

An excellent blog entry on Tim Gaze and his Asemic Magazine. Link

An article exploring a possible link between alien glyphs and asemic writing:

See the Passionate Ornithology , Oct. 2008 for samples of alien glyphs. Or here: >>>

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