Friday, June 18, 2010

Temples of Transition: Bryan de Roo and Gina Borg

The Passionate Ornithologist recently caught the brilliant Bryan de Roo and Gina Borg show, Temples of Transition at Gallery Extrana.

Needless to say, the two artists' works are mesmerizing in their visual interplay.

Ms. Borg's ethereally subtle kaleidoscopic images barely materialize on the surface, suggesting the fleetingness of sensation and experience. There is a soft geometry in the mandala-like shapes and topographic points of interest.

Mr. de Roo's work features an almost unending and interlocked xenolinguistic calligraphy that accumulates into domiciles, domes, and dolmens of anachronistic symmetries and "thought bubble" artifacts.

Images courtesy of Gallery Extrana (used w/o permission)

Bryan de Roo

Gina Borg

Conversation with the artists.

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