Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dane Rudhyar

Dane Rudhyar, composer, artist, theosophist, writer & astrologer will be honored by Other Minds.

Rudhyar was American modernism's proto-multiculturalist. He connected dissonance to his studies in comparative religion, theosophy, and metaphysics, was a leader and mentor to fellow composers Henry Cowell, Ruth Crawford Seeger and Carl Ruggles, and later influenced a new generation including John Cage, Lou Harrison, James Tenney, and Kyle Gann.

Now, 25 years after Rudhyar's death (9/13/85 in San Francisco), Other Minds presents a celebration of the work of this "seed man" of the avant-garde.


Storm Gods

Creative Man

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Italicized text excerpted from Other Minds

Download his works for piano here.

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