Thursday, April 21, 2011

Marie Wilson

There is a woeful dearth of online information for artist Marie Wilson but for this one website, plus an earlier post on this blog. The poet Richard Tagett provided the images below, which were first published in his magazine, Manroot.

I do know that Marie Wilson is still alive and living with her husband Nanos Valaoritis in Greece. She must be about 89 years old.

A recent publication from City Lights Books (Will Alexander's "Compression & Purity") features a detail from her drawing, " The Creator."

The following series is entitled "Psychograms." Click on each image for a larger view.

An interview with Marie Wilson.


Richard Waara said...

In the Psychograms sequence the fourth and ninth (last) images are upside down. The last image was, of course, the frontispiece for Philip Lamantia's "The Blood of the Air" and can be confirmed there. If you go back to the 6/7 issue of Manroot you will see it as it should appear and which is also confirmed in her only extensive catalogue Daedalic Isomorphs by Marie Wilson, Greece, 2000. This is a common mistake that occurs with Marie's work where what is above can become what is below, or vice versa.

Richard Waara

Passionate Ornithology said...

thanks are correct...but i think i'll keep this as is. yr comment will shed light for the viewers.