Sunday, July 3, 2011

BLACK DIAMONDS SHINING - Afro-Galactic Art and Consciousness

Black Diamonds Shining is an Oakland based afro galactic black arts collective made up of Ras Terms + Safety First + Deadeyes + Antjuan Jones + AshRose + Brooks Golden (Be Golden) + Larry Dobie

This show consists of visual information overload of the best kind.This is an old/new mythos brought forth into a Now that is in sorry need of fresh world perspectives, deep positive consciousness, and a connection to older ways of Being that have almost vanished in our tiresome and empty pursuit of the material. Black Diamonds Shining is part of a broad network of like-minded, engaged people coming together with a vision of interconnectedness, effectual magic, and creative hard work.

The Black Rays Race

See how the black rays of the black race
Have touched the immeasurable wisdom
And therefore the unknown quantity
See how they are not understood
Because as they are is not understood
And as what they know is what they are
See the unlimited freedom of the black rays.


These multi-layered collaborative visual works and words have the obvious connections with hip-hop culture, namely public art/graffiti, but also a heavy alliance, or at least a spiritual connection with Afrofuturism, Rastafarianism, Post-colonialism, Yoruba belief systems, the AACM, SAMO/Jean-Michel Basquiat, SUN RA & kosmik subaltern/African diaspora alienship. In other words, the significance of these artists's collective vision is unquestionable. They've built the sun get on board!

Open through the month of July at the Rock Paper Scissors Collective space.
Hours: 12 - 7 pm, Wednesday - Sunday. Closed Monday and Tuesday.

2278 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, CA 94612

Thanks to the BDS collective for allowing their work to be published here. Apologies for the less than stellar photos (no flash).

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